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.. Welcome To DevilsTrueBadAzz Personal Site ..

As of may 1st i got my site back and running lots of things arnt working hopefully soon i have it all back plus more, i been away since 2008 so lots of work.

Welcome to my site.

  This site is for my own personal use, so i thought i would share what i like with you, so take a look around you may find somethen you like.

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.. Poem written by me ..

.. Your Sin's ..

You stare to the darkness,you just see your pain,
its staring back at you,drowning you in sadness.

Your tears flow, blinding you, just for sin,
for no reason, your mind falling to the emptiness.

You stare to the darkness, once again,
your eyes see , your sins, drowning you in sadness.

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Click the above add to support the children.

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